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Jiaxing Ganland Auto Parts Co Ltd Old name Taizhou Ganland Machinery Parts Factory is a professional manufacturer specializes in designing and producing different types of machinery parts for trucks and other commercial vehicles Our main products include trailer door lock system door hinge system door seal door retainer buckle roller e track winch euphroe buffer folding step lashing ring and other locks hooks latches wrenches aluminum sections and container corner fittings etc Further Ganland can produce the products according to customized technical drawing and samples Ganland products are exported to over 60 countries and regions and have gained a good reputation through

Categories and Products

Truck Door Locks

Steel Door Locks

Steel Truck Rear Door Locking Gear Mobile Communication Truck Door Locking With Security Key Trailer Van Door Locks for Tube 27mm Truck Trailer Door Locking Device Steel Locking Gear Heavy Duty Container Back Door Lock Steel Cam Action Door Latch System For Truck Standard Shipping Container Door Locking Gear Bar Lock Cargo Lock for Dump Trailer Door Storage Container Locking Gear With Key Box Van Body Door Locking Gear Truck Body Keyless Sliding Door Handle Locks External Door Lock Gear With Delta Lever Handle Enclosed Trailer Parts Rear Door Gear Lock Anti Corrosion Precision Truck Load Lock Bar #158 Durable Side Door Lock Universal Cam Door Lock for Enclosed Trailers Steel Cam Locks Hardware Twist Lock Forged Handle Popular Cam Type Door Lock 258-002 Forged Polar Holdtite Bar Lock Set Cam Lock Over The Seal Steel Rear Door Hinge Stamping 

304 Stainless Steel Door Locks

Dining Truck Door Lock with 304 Stainless Steel SUS Coal-Scuttle Lockable Door Latch Gear 304 Stainless Steel Sliding Cargo Lorry Door Lock 304 SS Recessed Rear Refrigerator Truck Door Lock Recessed Door Locking Mechanism For Enclosed Trailer 304 Stainless Steel Recessed Cam Kit Flush Mount Trailer Rod Type Lock Cooler Door Lock 258-002SS Stainless Steel Trailer Door Lock Cam Bar Lock Stainless Steel Door Dear Refrigerator Freezer Chill Car 

Toolbox Serie

Aluminum Toolboxes

Three Drawers Truck Tool Box Diamond Plate Aluminum Adjustable Shelf Aluminum Truck Box Dual T Lock Diamond Plate Single Door Aluminum Underbed Tool Box High Sided Aluminum Truck Tool Box With Drawers 

Toolbox Paddle Locks

Recessed Flush Paddle Latch With Security Key T Shape Folding Handle Drop Rotary Lock 304 Stainless Steel Flush Mount Paddle Locking Latch Steel Panel Lock Flush Mount T Handle Latch Flush Mounted T handle Cam Latch Rod Control 304 S S Toolboxes Flush Paddle Handle Latch Industrial/Cabinet Panel Door Lock Toolbox Flush Handle Latch Paddle With Dust Cover Black Powder Coated Paddle Slam Lock Non Locking Flush Paddle Latch Junior Size 

Truck Door Hinges

Steel Door Hinges

Steel Riveting Strap Style Truck Door Hinge Steel Stamping Over Seal Truck/Trailer Door Hinge Bolt-on Truck Rear/Side Door Hinge Removable Pin Rear Barn Door Truck Hinge Bolt On Z/P Rear Swing Truck Door Hinge Steel Zinc Plated Car And Truck Door Swing Steel Hinge Nylon Bushed Large Heavy Duty Door Hinge Bolt-on Side Swing Door Hinge For Truck Steel Narrow Strap Hinge For Enclosed Trailers 12″ #2212 Heavy Duty Offset Hinge Hydraulic Buffering Hinge Cargo Dry Shipping Container Door Hinge Welding Blade Dropside Hinges Tirex Hinge Geom Steel Z/P Weld-on Heavy Duty Hinge Over The Seal Style Truck Trailer Box Door Hinge Assembly Over Seal Door Locker Hinge Steel Side Door Hinge T Strap Steel Over The Seal Hinge 16" #2216 Heavy Duty Strap Hinge For Trailer Doors Offset #2108 Swing Door Hinges, Embossed Over The Seal Hinges Double Laminations T Strap Hinge With Reverse bracket Bolt On Truck Door Hinge With Non-removable Pin 

304 Stainless Steel Door Hinges

304 Stainless Steel Locker Door Hinge Middle Size Rear Door Hinge For truck/trailer/container 304 S.S. Trailer Truck RV Box Stainless Steel Hinge Over The Seal Steel Side Swing Door Hinge Offset Hinges Marine Grade Stainless Steel Tee Hinges Truck Flat Side Door Hinge Pastore & Lombardi Medium Over Seal Hinge Stainless Steel Light Duty Flat Butt Door Hinge Stainless Steel Leaf Hinge Truck Door Blade Hinge 16" Square Corner Door Hinge with Reverse Bracket Stainless Steel Polished Rear Truck Door Hinge Heavy Duty Marine Grade Hinge T Strap Hinge Stainless Steel Flat Door Hinge Bolt On Hinge Stainless Steel Narrow Bracket Reverse Over Seal Hinge Stainless Steel Truck Door Hinge Flush Mount Stainless Steel T-Strap Flat Door Hinge Bolt On 

Fastener Serie

Toggle Latches

Overcentre Spring Fastener Recessed Pesca Dropside Lock Heavy Duty Dropside Pesca Lock Fastener Toggle Latch Curtain Side Parts Tailboard Catch Handle Lock Pillar Sliding Door Locking Mechanism Toggle Fastener Open Top Vertical Dropside Lock In Profile Pillars Classic 1974 M.P. Vertical Dropside Locks Steel Bolt On Over Centre Door Lock Latches Trailer Overcentre Closure With Hook Lock Toggle Fastener Over Centre Catch Heavy Duty Bolt On Fasteners Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Over Centre Latch Fastener Lock Latch Handle Heavy Duty Over Center Fastener Toggle Fastener With Mount Catch Plate Steel Heavy Duty Rubber Hood Catch Latch With Bracket Zinc Plated Spring Loaded Bolts With Black Knob Dropside Locking Gear Circle With Eye Bearer Pair Colored-plating Tailboard Fastener Dropside Locking Gear Steel Door Security Latch Sliding Lock Barrel Bolt Barrel Bolt Spring Loaded Latch Heavy Duty Lock Steel Spring Loaded Bolt Lock Replacement Black Knob Zinc Plated Dropside Fastener Tailboard Door Locking Latch 

Spring & Shoot Bolts

Bolt On Stainless Steel Spring Latch Dia 10 Spring Loaded Barrel Shoot Bolt Twist Lock Latch Spring Latch with Welded Tab Slam Action Latch Barrel Shoot Bolt With Nuts Spring Loaded Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Bolt Raw Finish 

Door Hold Backs

Spring Loaded Steel Door Retainer With Plastic Plate Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Door Hold Back Set 4 Inch Steel T-Style Door Holder Spring Loaded 6 Inch Steel T-Style Door Retainer Spring Loaded 

Cargo Control

Tie Down Rings

Recessed Flush Fit Lashing Ring Tie-Down Anchor Ring Flush Mount Pan Fitting Lashing Ring With D-ring Steel Square Recessed Pan Fitting With D Ring Lashing D Ring Anchor Point Tie Down Single Double Sided Recessed Lashing Ring Steel Deck Ring Stainless Steel Flush Fit Lashing D Ring Bolt On Round Pan Fitting Lashing Ring With Rubber Base Steel Chest Handle Latch Lock W/4 Mount Holes Stainless Steel Chest Handle Lock Flush Ring Pull Rope Lashing D Ring With Cleat 2-Holes Trailer Lashing Ring Zinc Plated Folding Locking Ring Locking Ring With Steel Spring - Blot On 

Strap Assemblies

Customized Strap For Side Curtain Buckle Set 

Cable Winches

Weld-On Tie-Down Winch For Dump Truck Or Trailer Cargo Trailer Cable Winch Weld On Raw Finish 

Cargo Bar & Track

Adjustable Pickup Lever Action Ratchet Cargo Bar Stay Steel Heavy Duty E-track Rail 3050 mm Steel Trailer Track Strip Q Type Track Rail Heavy Duty E-Track Tie-down Rail For Trailers 

Curtainsider Truck Parts

Truck PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Coated Tarpaulin For Curtain Side Trailers White Truck Cover Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin Roll Red 900gsm Vinyl Truck Tarp Cover 1000D 900gsm Orange Truck Cover PVC Canvas Tarpaulin Light Gray Heavy Duty Waterproof PVC Tarpaulin Side Curtain Cover PVC Coated Tarpaulin For Side Curtains Silver 900gsm 1000D Side Curtain Trailer Cover Green PVC Tarp Side Cover For Curtainsider Truck Container Cover Tarp Side Curtain Materials Blue Black 900GSM Truck Cover PVC Coated Tarpaulin 

Truck Overcenter Buckle Set

Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Over Center Locking Buckle Steel Thick Version Side Release Buckle Overcenter Buckle Over-Center Buckle with Bottom Strap Flat Hook Rivet Over-Center Buckle with Bottom Strap Rave Hook Rivet Over-Center Buckle With Bottom Strap J Hook Rivet Steel Buckle Attachment Plate /Roller Two bolts Plate Side Curtain Buckle/Roller Fixing Kit 2-bolt Plated SS Push-Tab-Release Steel Over-center Buckle With Flat Hook Stainless Steel Curtain Buckles Press Release Flat Hook Stainless Steel Over-center Buckle With Strap And Hook Over-Center Buckle With Strap and Double J Hook Stainless Steel Tautliner/Caravan/Van Over Center Buckle Set Stainless Steel Press Release Curtain Over Center Buckle Direct Curtain Side Buckle Stainless Steel Adjustment Screw Over-Center SUS Buckle Strap With Steel Rave Hook Steel Belt-tensioner Overcenter Buckle Set With Hook Steel Side Curtain Over Center Buckle -Zinc Stainless Steel Over-center Buckle - Push Up Stainless Steel Overcentre Buckle Pozi-plas O/C Pull Release Over Center Buckle 

Truck Rollers & Rails

Steel Sidecurtain Roller With Shank Tapered Wheel-strap Mount Steel Double Bar Roller For Curtain Side Track Tapered wheel-strap Curtain Side Bar Ballbearing Rollers Bolt On Ball Bearing Sidecurtain Roller Tapered Roller Side Curtain Roller With Two Big Steel Wheels Sliding Door Pulley Hanging Wheels For Track Ultra-quite Montacon Style Side Curtain Roller Double Roller All Steel Curtainside Ball Bearing Roller With Shank Curtain Roller Steel Wheel Colored-plating Roller With Bar Curtain Net Hanger Roller With Tapered Wheel Red Colored-plating Curtain Net Hanger With Steel Wheel All Steel Wheel Side Curtain Roller With Shank Stainless Steel Curtain Bobbin With Closed Waist Ring Steel Bolt On MFZn-C Curtain Side Roller 360 Rotate Flexible Wheel Hanging Sliding Door Roller Galvanized Steel Sliding Curtain Track Rail For Side Straight Steel Track Channel Width 30mm For Curtainside Side Curtain Flat Steel Shank Roller Side Curtain Net-Hanger Roller With Stainless Steel Bearing Curtain Side Bearing Net Hanger Roller Plastic Wheel 

Truck Curtain Tensioners

Curtain Ratchet Tensioner Left Hand Front Light Duty Curtain Ratchet Tensioner Right Hand Front Light Duty Ratchet Truck Curtain Tensioner Left Hand R44 Popular Ratchet Truck Curtain Tensioner Right Hand R44 Heavy Duty Curtain Tensioner With Security Pin 

Other Curtainsider Truck Parts

Rolling Pillar Top Roller Bracket Roof Support Pillars Vinyl Door Weather Drip Sweep Seal Blade Gray Aluminium Bush Weather Seal Retainer Cap Channel Track Light Duty Double J Steel Wire Claw Hook Light Duty Flat Pressed Steel Web Hook Narrow Flat Tie Down Hook With Abrasion Clip Steel Closed Wire Rave Hook For Cargo Strap Stainless Steel Wire Hook Closed Coaming Rave Hook Side Curtain Middle Bar Top Pillar With Rollers White Polypropylene Webbing Bag Handle Belt Strap 48mm Curtainside Straps Internal Cargo Belt PP PE 34mm Aluminum Tensioning Curtain Pole Aluminum Hook Profile Curtain Pole Type AE 

Wing Opening Van Parts

Steel Heavy Duty Offset Wing Van Truck Hinge Heavy Duty Bolt On Wing Opening Van Hinge Truck Trailer Gate Lift Helper Safety Opening Device Heavy Duty Catch Plate Semi Trailer Latch Hook Steel Weld On Over Center Toggle Latch Fastener Large Heavy Duty Over Center Locking Latch Fastener Spring Loaded Fastener With Catch Hook Weld On Semi Trailer Over Center Handle Latch Door Lock Over Center Latch Heavy Duty Bolt On Fastener Steel Over Center Fastener Wing Body Truck Parts Wing Box Truck Tailgate Over Center Fastener Large Heavy Duty Overcenter Fastener - Bolt On Base Steel Drop Side Tailgate Wing Van Door Hinge Spring Loaded Bolt On Fastener For Wing Body 

Rubber Bumpers & Buffers

Conical Rubber Door Buffer For Flexi Drive Coupling Entry Black Rubber Conical Door Bumper Heavy Duty Solid Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber Bumper Strip Narrow Heavy Duty Rubber Bumper With Reinforced steel holes Black Solid Rubber Block Buffer 195*80*80 

Trailer Mudguard

Truck Trailer Straight Mudguard Stay Chassis Mount Tube Adjustable Mudguard Support Steel Truck Mudguard Mounting Bracket Truck Trailer Mudguard Fender Plastic Arch Mud Guard 

Truck Door Seal

Container Sealing Strip PVC H Seal Width 18mm Truck Door Seal PVC H Seal Width 28mm Shipping Container Truck Door Seal H Shape 30.5mm PVC Seal Trim Cargo Truck Rubber Seal Co-Extruded Weather Resistance PVC And EPDM Rubber Sealing Strip EPDM Container Door Rubber Gasket PVC H Seal PVC Weather Strips Custom Container Rubber Strip 33mm Door Seals Gasket For Cargo Truck OEM PVC And EPDM Rubber Seal Gasket C Type Truck Container Door Seal Strip 25mm Co-Extruded C Shape Rigid PVC Door Sealing Strip Door Weather Strip Dry Container Sealing Strip 24mm Door Seal PVC Rigid Carrier With Flexible Lip 42mm Refrigerated Freezer Reefer Truck Weather Strip 50mm Box Truck Rear Door Seal Strip H Seal Strip For Container EPDM Seal Strip 55mm Large H Profile Sealing Strip For Container Doors Door PVC Profile Shipping Container Door Gasket 78mm Truck Container Door Rubber Sealing Strip 85 mm 

Excavator Body Parts

Komatsu Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts

Komatsu Excavator PC200-7 Doors And Panels Aftermarket Komatsu PC220 Excavator Cover Side Door Aftermarket Komatsu Excavator PC270-7 Engine Hood Aftermarket Komatsu Excavator PC350 Compartment Door Aftermarket Komatsu Excavator PC360 Compartment Door Aftermarket Komatsu Excavator PC450 Compartment Door Aftermarket Komatsu Excavator Major Componets 7 series Cab 

CAT Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts

CAT Caterpillar 313D Excavator Access Doors Panels CAT Caterpillar 320C Excavator Side Doors Aftermarket Spare Parts CAT Caterpillar 320C Excavator Bottom Protection Covers CAT Caterpillar 320D Excavator Sheet Metal Covers CAT Caterpillar 323D L Excavator Sheet Metal Covers CAT Caterpillar 324D Engine Compartment Doors CAT Caterpillar 329D Excavator side door CAT Caterpillar 336D Excavator Full side doors Aftermarket CAT Caterpillar 336D Excavator Full Panels CAT Caterpillar 349D Excavator Compartment door CAT Caterpillar Excavator 349D Toolbox Aftermarket Spare Parts CAT Caterpillar Excavator 315D2 Toolbox Aftermarket CAT Caterpillar Excavator Type D Toolbox Aftermarket CAT Caterpillar Excavator Type C Cab CAT Caterpillar Excavator Type D Cab Toolbox For CAT Caterpillar Excavator 349D Cat D Type Excavator Tool Box 320D 324D CAT 336D Group Bottom Sheet Metal Covers Excavator Engine Hood & Sheet Metal Covers CAT 320D 323D 

Hitachi Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts

Hitachi Excavator EX250-3G Water Tank Door Aftermarket Hitachi Excavator Engine Hood EX360-3 Aftermarket Parts Engine Hood For Hitachi EX120 Excavator Side Doors And Panels For Hitach EX120 Excavator Hitachi EX200-6 Excavator Engine Hood Bonnet Panel Excavator Side Door for Radiator Hitachi EX200 Engine Hood For Hitachi Excavator EX240 Aftermarket Parts Side Door Panel For Hitachi Excavator EX240 Aftermarkets Hitachi EX240-3 Excavator Baseplate Panels sheilds Hitachi EX70 Excavator Compartment doors Hitachi Excavator 3 series Cab 

Doosan Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts

Daewoo Excavator DH300 Side panel shields Access Doors Doosan Excavator DX300 Full Side Doors Panels Doosan Excavator DX300-7 Engine Enclosure Cover Hood Daewoo Excavator DH225-7 Toolbox Aftermarket Spare Parts Doosan Excavator DL220 Toolbox Aftermarket Spare Parts Daewoo Excavator DH225-9 Toolboxes Aftermarket Spare Parts Doosan Excavator DH 80G Toolbox After-sale Market Parts Kobelco Excavator Toolboxes Aftermarket Spare Parts Daewoo Excavator DH200 Toolboxes Aftermarket Spare Parts Komatsu Excavator Toolboxes Aftermarket Spare Parts 

Kobelco Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts

Kobelco Excavator SK75 Doors And Panels Aftermarket Kobelco Excavator SK140-8 Side Panels Shields And Access Doors Side Panels Access Doors For Kobelco Excavator SK200 Water Tank Door For Kobelco Excavator SK210 Kobelco Excavator SK260-8 Metal Covers Compartment Doors Kobelco Excavator SK460 Engine Hood 

Other Excavator Body Parts

Hyundai Excavator 7 series Cab Volvo Excavator Cabin Elegant Appearance Design Standard Volvo Excavator Type D Cab LiuGong Excavator Cabin With Elegant Appearance Design Standard Sany Excavator Cab 

Excavator Sheet Metal

Excavator Cabs

CAT Caterpillar Excavator Cabin Type C Hyundai Excavator Cab 7 series Hitachi Excavator 3 series Cabin Aftermarket Volvo Excavator Cabin With Elegant Appearance Komatsu Excavator 7 series Cab Major Componets CAT Caterpillar Excavator Type D Cabin Standard Cab For Volvo Excavator Type D Elegant Appearance LiuGong Excavator Cabin Standard Sany Excavator Cabin Aftermarket 

Excavator Engine Hoods

Komatsu Excavator PC270-7 Engine Hood Engine Hood For Hitachi Excavator EX360-3 Aftermarket Engine Hood For Kobelco Excavator SK460 Hitachi EX120 Excavator Engine Hood Aftersale Parts Engine Hood For Hitachi EX200-6 Excavator Bonnet Panel Hitachi EX240 Excavator Engine Hood Aftermarket Engine Enclosure Cover Hood Doosan Excavator DX300-7 

Excavator Toolboxes

Toolbox For Daewoo Excavator DH225-7 Toolbox For Daewoo Excavator DH225-9 Aftermarket Toolbox For Doosan Excavator DH80G After-sale Toolbox For Kobelco Excavator Aftermarket Spare Parts Toolbox For CAT Caterpillar Excavator 315D2 Toolbox For Doosan Excavator DL220 Toolbox For Daewoo Excavator DH200 Toolboxes For Komatsu Excavator Aftermarket Toolbox For CAT Caterpillar Excavator Type D Tool Boxes For Cat D Type Excavator 320D 

Excavator Doors And Panels

Side Door For Komatsu PC220 Excavator Aftermarket Doors And Panels For Komatsu Excavator PC200-7 Compartment Doors For Komatsu Excavator PC350 Aftermarket Compartment Doors For Komatsu Excavator PC360 Compartment Doors For Komatsu Excavator PC450 Doors And Panels For Kobelco Excavator SK75 Aftermarket Side Panels Shields For Kobelco Excavator SK140-8 Kobelco Excavator SK200 Side Panels Access Doors Kobelco Excavator SK210 Water Tank Door Metal Covers Compartment Doors Kobelco Excavator SK260-8 Water Tank Door For Hitachi Excavator EX250-3G Hitach EX120 Excavator Side Doors And Panels Hitachi EX200 Excavator Side Door for Radiator Hitachi Excavator EX240 Side Door Panels Panels Sheilds For Hitachi EX240-3 Excavator Compartment doors For Hitachi EX70 Excavator Access Doors Panels For Caterpillar 313D Excavator Bottom Protection Covers For CAT 320C Excavator Side Doors For CAT Caterpillar 320C Excavator Sheet Metal Covers For CAT 320D Excavator 

Other Hardware And Accessories

Heavy Duty Folding Step Cast Fold Down Step Heavy Duty Folding Foot Step Fold Down Step Camper Trailer Folding Ladder Two Steps Square Section Standard Steel Shipping Container Corner Castings ISO 1161 Aluminum Corner Radius Extruded Corner Radius Panels R40 Aluminium Outside Corner Bead Van Corner Covering Edge Aluminum Extrusion Roof Wrap Radius 32 mm Aluminum Extrusion Guide Rub Rail Bottom Exterior Trim Steel Gate Staple On Elongated Eye Plate Hook Bolt On Gate Staple On Pad Eye Plate Heavy Duty Gate Staple On Elongated Plate 36mm Heavy Duty Cable Winch TBF Lashing Drum Heavy Duty Lashing Drum Cargo Winch Euphroe Aluminum Cargo Shoring Lock Plank With OEM Clamps Steel Wire Hook - Zinc Plated S Aluminum Box Van Side Guard Corner Protector Triangle Three Side Plastic Corner Guard Protector 

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